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Why Your House Needs a Pest Inspection

Properly maintaining a home does not only entail checking for a gas leak, changing fluctuating light bulbs or fixing a dripping faucet and keeping your home clean and orderly. It also entails taking the appropriate precautions to keep pests at bay.

Everything you need to know about Pest Control Inspection:

Pest Control Inspection is the process of finding out if your house is host to pests/termites. An effective pest control inspection not only identifies existing pest issues, but also helps to prevent any new pest introductions to your property- even when you’re away from home -to guarantee these nefarious creatures leave you alone, for good.

What happens during a Pest Inspection?

A thorough pest inspection should include both exterior and interior examination of the house. The purpose of this examination is to ascertain if there have been any new infestations that have not been detected by the initial professional inspection.

If an infestation is detected, do not panic and flee (no matter how tempting that may seem in the moment) because a professional Pest Control Service Inspector will conduct a thorough assessment and give you advice on how best to deal with the situation.

Why a Pest Inspection is Required and Why You Should Get Your House Inspected Immediately:

Pest inspections have become a requirement for homeowners everywhere for a number of reasons:

  • They help identify weak points in the structure, allowing the maintenance crew to carry out repairs and prevent future infestations and save you a great deal of unease.

  • They help you save money by reducing the risk of structural collapse due to insects, hence, eliminating the need for some serious property damage repair.

  • A pest-control inspection is the only way to make certain you are completely eradicating any existing pests in your property.

The inspection process may last up to one day, and sometimes may require more than one visit. After it is completed, you will receive a report/certificate letting you know whether your house is pest-free or in need of a few future visits.

For the up-keep of your house, Pest Control Service Inspectors will conduct routine daily inspections and special project visits, which are designed to identify new problems and to advise on the best course of action.


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