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Spider control in Temecula


Spider extermination in the greater Temecula area, including Murrieta, Winchester, and Menifee, is our specialty. That’s because our LOCAL Bug Guys are specially trained and assigned zip codes so if you find yourself dealing with a web of spiders, we can be there right away.

Spider Extermination in the Greater Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA Area

Without the right prevention plan in place, spiders can easily take over your home. Or even worse, cause harm to you and your family. Here are some of the kinds of spiders that keep us busy and the ones we are specially trained to exterminate and prevent from returning.

Exterminating Black Widow Spiders

About the size of a paper clip, and known for its characteristic red dot on their black body, a bite from a black widow spider packs a punch. Someone bitten by a Black Widow will experience muscle aches, nausea, and difficulty breathing. While fatalities are rare for adults, a bite from a black widow can be fatal for a child or small pet..

It’s just a good idea to keep these creepy crawlies away from your family. If you’re noticing messy webs near the ground around your property, or egg sacs in doorways, you could have a black widow infestation.

Don’t try to handle these on your own. Call your LOCAL Bug Guy immediately and we’ll be able to safely exterminate these black widows from your home.

Exterminating Brown Widow Spiders

Entering the California scene in the early 2000s, the brown widow spider is a relative of the black widow. The good news, research suggests a bite from a brown widow isn’t as serious, but it is still painful and considered venomous.

Brown widows love dense wood, empty containers, and finding places under buckets, outdoor furniture, and pots to lay nests. If you begin to notice silken egg sacks in areas like this around your home, your LOCAL Bug Guy is the person to call.

Exterminating Wolf Spiders and Jumping Spiders

While black widows and brown widows are the most common pests we get called in to handle, we are also experts when dealing with other species of spiders.

According to National Geographic, wolf spiders get their name because don’t spin webs, but rather while using their eight dark eyes located around their head, chase and pounce on their prey.

Jumping spiders get their name from their jumping ability and can vary in size and color. There are more than 4,000 species and can be found mostly around your windows because they are looking for insects.

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