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Pest control from Temecula to Menifee


Quick and affordable pest control is the key to ensuring that you always feel relaxed and safe in your home. If you have an expected ant problem or a reoccurring spider issue, your LOCAL Bug Guy is just a phone call away.

Quick and Affordable Pest Control in the Greater Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA Area

Our locally trained staff are specialized based on zip code and know the area better than anyone else. Additionally, they are experts when it comes to safely and effectively rid your home of pests and making sure they stay away.

The LOCAL Bug Guy specializes in the removal and prevention of:

  • Ants: Especially Argentine ants, which are common to the state of California. According to the University of California Riverside, these little pests love urban areas and backyards, and enter homes looking for food and water. We also help rid other ants, such as harvester ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh’s ants.

  • Spiders: The second biggest pest problem in the greater Temecula area, what keeps us busy are black widow spiders and brown widows. We also take care of wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and house spiders, just to name a few.

When you purchase bi-monthly or quarterly service for spiders or ants, you can also contact us to handle other pest control issues at no additional charge! This is an amazing and convenient value if you happen to find yourself trying to shoo away a rat or mouse.

And if for some reason we can’t help, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll be sure to refer you to someone you can trust to help with your pest control needs.

If you’re ready to finally have your go-to LOCAL Bug Guy that you can always rely on, contact us today for a free quote.

Why choose local Bug guy for Pest Control in Temecula

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If you’re having any kind of pest problem or you’re ready to commit to a pest prevention plan, contact us today for a free quote.

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