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Pest Control prevention in Temecula


If you don’t have a plan in place, ants and spiders will always find a way into your home. That’s why we conveniently have bi-monthly and quarterly prevention plans so you don’t have to worry about any possible infestations. 

Effective Pest Prevention in the Greater Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA Area

When it comes to effective pest control, prevention is key so you don’t find yourself in a non-stop battle with pests in your own home. Our expert Local Bug Guys are trained specifically in which pests are the most common in the greater Temecula area, making them a bug’s worse enemy. 

In addition to the impenetrable shield we’ll place around your home, there are simple, everyday things you can do to keep pests away. 

Easy Pest Prevention Tips For Homeowners 

Our pest specialty is ants and spiders, but these tips apply to any pests you want to keep out of your home. Here are the most effective and easy pest prevent tips you can do each day.


  • Remove sources of food and water: Ants and spiders come into your home because they sense nourishment! Always store food in containers, make sure trash cans stay covered, don’t leave out any pet food or water, and make sure you don’t have any leaky pipes.

  • Declutter: Dark spaces are a pest’s best friend, so get rid of those stacks of newspapers, magazines, and cardboard.

  • Block access: It’s incredible how pests any find any nook or crack in order to enter your home. So where you can, caulk in cracks around cabinets and baseboards. Also, fill in any holes with steel wool and cover with wire mesh.

  • Check boxes and packages: Before you bring any boxes or packages into your home, make sure you check them first. Especially if they have been sitting in storage for a while.

Why choose local Bug guy for Pest Control in Temecula

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If you follow these easy tips, in combination with guaranteed pest prevention from your Local Bug Guy, you will finally be able to rest comfortably in your home. If you’re ready to have your Local Bug Guy on speed-dial, contact us today for a free quote. 

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