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Pest Control in Winchester


Winchester pests don’t stand a chance when a LOCAL Bug Guy comes to town! We have a dedicated LOCAL Bug Guy tech covering the Winchester area; so if you’re tired of waiting for someone to stop by from one of those big companies, consider giving us a try. 

Winchester Pest Control Is Just A Phone Call Away

We’re a local company and we hire local techs, so we know Winchester better than anyone else. That means we also know all about pest control in Winchester and what creepy crawlies love the area. We can exterminate them quickly and make sure they stay away. The two pests we are specially trained to control are:


  • Ants, especially Argentine ants, harvester ants, and carpenter ants

  • Spiders, most importantly black widow spiders and brown widow spiders


In addition to handling ants and spiders, we can also help our regular customers with the occasional rodent or wasp issue.

Winchester Pest Control Service Options Available 

When you hire a LOCAL Bug Guy, you will have direct access. That means you receive your tech’s direct email and phone number, allowing you to contact them anytime, anywhere.

If you live in Winchester and in a ‘tract home’, we have two different pest control plans available for you:

  • Bimonthly service: Your LOCAL Bug Guy will stop by every other month to reinforce your pest control barrier around your home so you’re protected from ants and spiders.

  • Quarterly service: This means we’ll stop by every three months to make sure you’re staying protected against ants and spiders.

Quick Winchester Pest Control Is Just A Phone Call Away

Staying local and hiring local is why we can confidently guarantee the best pest control service. If you’re ready to have a dedicated LOCAL Bug Guy that’s always just a phone call away, reach out for a quote today.

Why choose local Bug guy for Pest Control in Temecula

Contact us today for a

FREE Pest Control quote!

If you’re tired of waiting for one of the big companies to help you, it sounds like you’re ready for your own Local Bug Guy! Contact us today for a free quote. Even if you’re not sure if we service your area, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to see if we can serve you.

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