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Ant control from Temecula to Menifee


Exterminating ants in the greater Temecula area, including Murrieta, Winchester, and Menifee, is our specialty. That’s because our LOCAL Bug Guys are specially trained and assigned zip codes so if you find a super colony of ants, we can be there right away.

Ant Pest Control Exterminator Specialist in Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA

Without the right prevention plan in place, super colonies can occur, especially with certain kinds of ants. Here are some of the most common ants in California and the ones we are specially trained to exterminate and prevent from returning.

Exterminating Argentine Ants

You can guess by their name where these ants are from. Native to Argentina, according to the University of California Riverside these pests first showed in California around 1907 and have been invading our homes ever since.


Argentine ants are small and brown and are the most common ant to build “supercolonies” due to their non-aggressive nature. While they don’t pose any threats to people, they do become a nuisance and can spread quickly if not treated. They can have serious implications on plants and other insects.


Since Argentine ant colonies are underground, the usual spraying of chemicals will not work. Calling in your Local Bug Guy is the best first step in ridding these pests from your home and your backyard.

Exterminating Harvester Ants

These ants are named after what they do best…harvesting food. And because of their nature of collecting vegetation, they may be the reason why you have some bare spots developing in your yard.

There are 22 different species of harvester ants in the United States. In our region, we have the California harvester ant, which is a pale, black and red color. They build their nests in sandy soil and bring whatever they collect back to the nest.

Unlike Argentine ants, harvester ants can bite and sting people. Routine pest prevention from your LOCAL Bug Guy can rid these pests before you have any painful encounters!

Exterminating Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are named after their love for chewing through wood. They don’t eat the wood, but use it as a place to create nests. Homes with any kind of moisture issue are heaven for carpenter ants. These ants love burrowing in decaying wood, tree branches, and unsealed openings around pipes.

If not treated, carpenter ants can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, as well as the look of your home. If you suspect you have a carpenter ant problem, your LOCAL Bug Guy will be able to locate and eradicate the nest and prevent them from showing up again.

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