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Effective Pest Control: 5 Ways to Prevent Pest Problems

Pests aren't only an inconvenience, they can also harm your health and the health of your family. This is why bug and insect prevention is essential in preventing pest infestations in homes, businesses, schools, and other areas where people live, work, or play.

Even though summer is drawing to a close, pests are still taking advantage of the warm weather, and an infestation could be on the way.

Our pest control workers have compiled a list of essential things you can do around your home to avoid an infestation:

Fill in all the cracks around the house

All of the cracks and crevices surrounding your windows, door frames, siding, and brick exteriors are open doors for insects. Similarly, pests can enter through gaps and cracks in interior walls caused by piping and wiring.

It would help if you filled in the gaps to prevent these little breezeways from becoming insect magnets. Slowly apply a line of blocks to gaps and crevices, making sure space is adequately filled. More prominent openings in your home's internal walls may require a plasterboard repair to properly seal the possible pest entrance.

Make sure unwanted visitors are screened out

Almost every house has openings as part of the structure's design and function. The gaps in your roof eaves, for example, are there to vent the roof cavity, and the crawl space on the side of the house serves as an access point for homes with raised foundations.

Just because these holes are required doesn't imply pests are free to exploit them however they want. For example, to keep rodents out of your roof cavities, cover your vents with a steel porch screen. Similarly, a piece of plywood or a framed screen is an excellent deterrent for rodents attempting to gain access through side-of-the-house openings.

Take the trash out regularly

Putting food away is an excellent strategy to keep cockroaches and ants out of your kitchen, but that garbage bin is inviting. Even if your kitchen trash can has a cover, it's essential to take your trash out every night and make sure your outdoor trash can is far from your home.


Those hungry kitchen critters will be kept at bay by the lack of food crumbs. However, if kitchen pests become a recurring issue, it is better to contact a pest control professional to prevent possible infestation.

Organize the clutter

Pests of all kinds find the perfect hiding and breeding spot amid household clutter. Cleaning up the mess will help to keep your home pest-free. Regularly vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your house will also help to keep pests at bay.

Groom your pets

For exterior pests looking for a one-way ticket into your home, cats and dogs are like city buses. Because it is hard to properly wash your pets every day, brushing them as soon as they enter the house will help to limit the possibility of any bugs accompanying them.

Using monthly flea and tick treatments is also an excellent approach to ensure that your pets aren't causing a pest problem. Spray your yard with a grass-safe flea and tick treatment while you're at it to create a bug-free barrier around your house.

Call your Local Bug Guy!

If you've tried several of the methods above and still can't get rid of the pests in your home, call your Local Buy Guy for a free pest control estimate.


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