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Why you should hire the local bug guy for your Pest Control needs in Temecula

Bug, Ant, And Spider Pest Control Specialist

We Completely Eliminate Your Worries Of These Pests On Your Property

Ant and Spider Control Temecula

Argentine Ants. According to scientists all of our ants at all of our houses are actually part of one interconnected “colony of colonies” AKA “Supercolony.” 

Spider Control in Temecula

Spiders are the second biggest “bug problem” in the Temecula and Murrieta area so they are our second specialty! (Ants are our first specialty).

Rodents and Mouse Control

In most cases, we can help with an occasional Rat or Mouse problem for free (as long as you are on a regular service schedule for Ants and Spiders.)

General Pest Control in Temecula

Eliminating other common bugs is an added bonus for our customers who receive routine pest control maintenance.

Pest Control Services Temecula

The Top 3 Reasons Pests Fear The LOCAL Bug Guy

Highly Trained Specialists

We’re a local company that hires local techs, so we know the area better than anyone else. So we are specially trained to deal with the most common pests in the area: ants and spiders.

Quick Service  

We prioritize personalized service by assigning our technicians exclusive coverage of 2-3 zip codes. Our approach ensures that when you require our assistance, we'll be readily available to serve you promptly and effectively. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

Direct Contact

When you call us, you’ll always know who will pick up the phone. That’s because when you become a regular customer, you receive the direct phone number and email of your LOCAL Bug Guy. What’s better than having your very own pest control expert on speed dial?


Pest Control Prevention

Keep your home pest-free. The best way to guarantee a safe and comfortable home is to have a prevention plan in place. The LOCAL Bug Guy offers two convenient plans that guarantee a protection shield around your home.


Explore our pest control plans and contact us today for a free quote.

Expert Pest Control in Temecula

About LOCAL Bug Guy

In 2011, Brent Longhurst busted onto the scene as the very first LOCAL Bug Guy because he had a vision: build a quick and friendly pest control service business that also produced local jobs. He was a “one-man-band” in the beginning, but it didn’t take very long for him to hire more LOCAL Bug Guys to join him.


Starting in Temecula, the LOCAL Bug Guy now covers Murrieta, Wildomar, Winchester, and Menifee. If you’re tired of waiting around for a big company and ready to have your own LOCAL Bug Guy, call us for a free quote today.

Professional Pest Control

An established business with over 12 years of experience.

Dedicated Service

Enjoy peace of mind with one assigned technician for reliable and consistent service.

Local Experts

We are the authority on pest problems in your area.

Excellent Customer Service

We prioritize faster response times and provide quality solutions.

Experienced Technicians

Our team is specialized and trained in pest control and prevention.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer thorough inspections, pre-treatments, and applications for a pest-free environment.

If you live in a ‘single-family home’ in one of the following areas, you have come to the right place!

Temecula Pest Control

In 2011 Brent was a “one man band” and only serviced south of Pauba road. In 2012 we decided we could cover the rest of Temecula and still be there when customers needed us!

Winchester Pest Control

By 2013 we had increased our staff. We also customers moving to the homes around the French Valley Airport and wanted to take us with them.

Murrieta Pest Control

By 2016 we increased our staff and also customers and we finally felt like we had enough technicians to expand our service area to all of Murrieta and Wildomar.

Menifee Pest Control

After 9 years of turning away business in Menifee, we had enough people to be able to cover this area! Each LOCAL Bug Guy covers a small LOCAL area.

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Ant control in Temecula
Pest Control in Temecula
Best Pest Control reviews in Temecula

"Excellent Service! From the time I messaged them to ask for a quote to the time they were at my front door doing the initial service was less than 24hours! Mike seemed very knowledgeable and was very helpful. Definitely would recommend their service at this point!"

- Joe Rossi

"Our Local Bug Gut "Mike" is outstanding, always friendly and always stops and makes time for conversation. Haven't had any issues with bugs / ants since working with the service!"

- Sheila Houske Carrillo

"Great communication! Great service! I've used other pest control companies in the past that would just show up unannounced, very inconvenient. Local Bug Guy communicates by email, phone and/or text message... they also notify me when the service is complete. Very happy with the service and I love using local companies for home services. Glad we choose Local Bug Guy."

- Gordon Graham

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