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When Do You Need Emergency Pest Control Services? 5 Signs You Need to Know

The possibility of pest infestation is a constant threat for every homeowner. Whether your home is in pristine condition or not, pests will invade if they find a way to gain access.

Keeping pests out is a never-ending battle that only takes different forms as seasons change. Each season brings its unique pest control challenges. At the same time, changes in the habits of the people who live in the home may expose it to a greater risk of pest invasion. Plus, the immediate home’s surroundings play a huge role in how susceptible it is to pests.

As a property management company in Temecula, Realevate Specialists is familiar with this problem and knows how to take precautionary measures. Because at any given time, the pest infestation status of your home can change dramatically. A pest-free home a few months ago may suddenly become infested if there is an alteration in one of the factors that helped keep it pest-free. If this happens, it may be time to hire an emergency pest control service.

What are the signs that you need emergency pest control?

1. Recurrent incidents with the same kinds of pest

If you previously had the home treated for a particular pest, say spiders, and you start to see spiders soon after, you will need emergency pest control. That is because you did not identify the underlying cause of the infestation at first.

2. Evidence of damage by pests

These will vary depending on the kind of pests. Rodents will usually leave a trail of destruction involving books, fabrics, wood, plastic piping, and even drywall. Damage by roaches may only be limited to books, while termites will only attack items made of untreated wood.

3. Pest droppings

All pests will leave some telltale sign of their presence, but droppings may be a little hard to spot. By the time droppings become so prolific that it is easy to identify them as the work of pests, you may be sure that you have a critical problem on your hands.

4. Bodies of dead pests

You may find bodies or body parts of pests in your home if you have an infestation. That is more common with insects than with rodents; rats and mice are more likely to die inside their holes. The frequency of these discoveries gives you an indication of the severity of the infestation.

5. Bad odors and pest noises

Pests, like roaches and mice, have very pungent body odors. If any of these infest your home, they will leave the entire home or parts of it with a bad smell. Noise, especially at night, is also a sign of pest infestation. But this second problem is commoner with rodents. The noise from pests can deprive you of sleep at night.

Why you should not tackle pests by yourself

Given the number of YouTube videos explaining what you can do to get rid of pests in your home, it is easy to think you don’t need a professional pest exterminator. But attempting to do the pest control by yourself is often why pest invasion gets out of hand.

The following are the benefits you get from hiring a pest control expert:

A. They address the root causes of the problem

Your efforts at ridding your home of pests will usually focus on removing the pests. But even if there are no more sightings of pests in your home, it doesn’t mean the problem is solved.

As long as you do not address the causes of the invasion, the problem will return. Some of the underlying causes that an expert will deal with include; sealing pest access points and addressing human behaviors that make the home conducive to pests.

B. They use a tailored approach

While an amateur will apply similar solutions to deal with different pests, the expert modifies their approach based on the vermin. Even before attempting to exterminate the pests, they will study their habits. The pest control expert will also deploy methods to kill the pest across its various life cycles; egg, larvae, and adulthood.

C. They ensure the safety of humans and pets

For most homeowners, the go-to method for getting rid of pests is poisoning. But poisons can pose a risk to pets and small children. Professional exterminators take this into account when they choose the pest control method to use for the home. Beyond this, they can also use humane pest control methods that do not involve killing the pests; that is if this is something you prefer.

D. They will help you create a preventive pest control program

Preventive pests control means you don’t wait till you have a pest invasion to take action. When you do preventive pest control, you do the following: monitor the home to prevent new pest access points, monitor for environmental changes that may predispose the house to pest infestations, and educate the home’s occupants on how their habits attract pests into the home.


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