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How to Safely Get Rid of Wasp and Hornet Nests in Murrieta, California

wasp and pest control in Murrieta

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Can hornets and wasps be dangerous? Yes. Hornet, wasp, and bee stings cause an average of 62 deaths each year.

Because these stings can be so painful and potentially life-threatening, you must learn how to get rid of hornet nests if you find them on your property. Do you need help safely removing wasp nests or finding pest control services in Murrieta?

Keep reading this article for the top tips to follow when you are removing these nests from your property and to find options for pest control near me.

Identify the Nests

Identifying the nests is the first step to getting rid of bees or hornets from your property. While you may see wasps or hornets flying around your home, it can be difficult to find where they have built a nest.

When you are looking for hornets' nests, you should look in areas that are raised above the ground. Hornets and wasps often nest in attics, sheds, tree branches, rooftops, and even hollow tree trunks.

Some types of hornets will nest in the ground within enclosed spaces.

You should also know what hornets' nests look like so you can properly identify them. They make their nests with wood fiber that is chewed to a pulp. The hornets spread this papery pulp with their legs to form their paper nests.

Gather Your Equipment

Next, you should have everything ready for your wasp removal. This way, you will be prepared for anything that comes up as you are getting rid of the nest.

Some things you should have are ladders, a garbage back, a source of light, and some sort of insecticide. Having this gathered together will ensure that you are not caught off guard when you are getting rid of the wasps.

Plan to Remove it After Sunset

When you are planning to remove your wasp or hornet nest, you should also plan to remove it after sunset or before the sun rises in the morning. This is because wasps and hornets fly back to their nest when the sun starts to set and will stay there until the sun comes back up.

This means that your hornet removal will be more effective and will get rid of most of your hornets at once.

It will also prevent other hornets from flying around the nest while you are trying to get rid of it. This will keep you safer and will prevent unnecessary hornet stings. If you are unable to remove your hornet nest after sunset, you can also wait until winter to remove the nests.

The hornets will die off while the queen hibernates, so this will make it safer to remove the nest.

Wear Protective Clothing

Before you start the nest removal process, you should also be dressed in protective clothing. This will provide you with an extra layer of defense from the wasp and hornet stings. It is best to wear thick clothing with long sleeves, gloves, and coverings for any other exposed areas of skin.

If possible, you should try to wear a bee suit with a mask to cover your face. This way, your face and eyes will be protected from angry hornets.

Spray the Nest With Insecticides

When you are ready to treat the nest, you should spray the nest with insecticides. When choosing your insecticides, it is best to find one that is labeled as long-distance. This way, you will not have to get too close to your nest while you are spraying it.

You also need to be sure to spray the nest thoroughly. If you don't coat the entire nest with a thick layer of insecticides, you may not be able to kill all of the hornets inside.

If any hornets remain after this initial treatment, you may need to wait for a few hours and spray the nest again. Repeat this process until no more hornets are flying out of the nests.

Destroy the Nest

Once the nest has dried from the insecticide, you can begin the process of destroying the nest. You can use a broomstick to remove the nest from its location. This will also ensure that no more hornets come flying out once you touch it.

If possible, you should have a garbage bag beneath the nest so you can immediately dispose of it.

You must remove the nest and destroy it. If any hornets escaped from the insecticides, destroying the nest will keep them from using them in the future.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

Finally, you should hire a stinging insect pest control service to help you remove stinging insects from your property.

An exterminator has the right equipment and protective gear to make hornet removal simple and effective. If you are worried about getting stung or do not want to get close to a hornets' nest, you can ask pest control yard services for a free consultation.

Need Help Removing Hornet Nests? Find Pest Control in Murrieta

When you have a wasp problem, it can be hard to remove. To protect yourself from stinging insects, you can follow these tips to remove hornet nests!

Still, it is best to hire a professional pest control company. This will ensure that the problem is permanently solved and will keep you safe. Are you looking for pest control in Murrieta?

LOCAL Bug Guy can help! Our team specializes in ant and spider removal but provides stinging insect pest control for reoccurring customers. Contact us for a free pest control quote!


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