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How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Treatment in Menifee, California

pest control treatment in Menifee, California

In the United States, surveys find that 84% of homeowners have experienced a pest problem within the past year. The most common pest issues were issues with ants, spiders, mosquitos, and even rodents.

Getting pest control treatment in Menifee, California is a great way to rid your home of these pests. However, you need to properly prepare your home if you want to get the best results from your pest control treatment.

Do you want to learn more about how you should prepare your home for pest control? Keep reading this article for the top tips you should follow before your pest control service.

Note Where You Have Seen Pests

When you hire a pest control company after seeing pests in your home, you need to keep track of where you have seen pests in the past. This will show you where they are entering your home, where they nest, and where they are getting their food.

By making notes of these locations, your pest control company will focus on these areas to make sure they eliminate any pests that you have seen.

This is especially important for pests that are hard to track and that are good at hiding. Even if your pest control technician doesn't see any pests during their treatment, they will be able to treat any potential infestation.

Clean the Floors

You should also clean your floors before your pest control treatment. Often, pest control companies will recommend that you do not clean your home immediately after treatment.

This is because the pesticides need to bond with the materials in your home, which allows the pesticides to continue to work for several months. If you don't give the pesticides enough time to bond with your floor and walls, your treatment may not be as effective.

Usually, you can do light cleanings within a few days after your pest control treatment. You should still wait for a week or two before vigorously cleaning the treated areas.

Because you will not be able to deep clean your home for a while, you may want to sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors thoroughly before your treatment.

Move Furniture Away From the Walls

To get the best results from your pest control treatment, you need to make sure your pest control technician has access to the perimeter of your home. Pest control companies spray insecticides on the walls of your home.

This is because it will provide a full wall of defense for bugs that try to enter your home. Not only will it keep bugs from getting into your home, but it will also kill the bugs that land on the treated surfaces.

To make it easier for your pest control company to spray the walls in your home, you should move any furniture or appliances that are too close to the walls.

Clean Up Clothes and Clutter

Next, you need to make sure your home is cleaned up and free of clutter before you get your pest control treatment. If you have clothes on the floor or other types of clutter, these should be packed away until your pest control company has finished the service.

If there is a lot of clutter on the floor, it can be difficult for your technician to spray the entire room. Plus, clutter is the perfect place for pests to hide, whether these are bugs, rodents, or anything else.

Having your floors clean and clear of clutter will make your pest control treatment easier and more effective.

Remove Dirty Dishes From the Sink

Often, pest control companies will treat your kitchen sinks. This is common when you have flies or mosquitos coming out of your sink. Because of this, you need to remove dirty dishes from your sink.

If you leave the dishes and they get insecticides on them, they may not be safe to eat off of. Make sure your kitchen is clean and tidy to be prepared for your pest control treatment.

Store Food Safely

You also need to put all of your food items away before your pest control treatment. If you leave any open food on your countertops, it can be contaminated by the pesticides that are used for your treatment.

Anything that is left out on the counter can potentially be contaminated after your treatment, so it is important that you seal your food, put away any cooking utensils and small appliances, and cover anything else that is left out on the counters.

Remove Pets

Finally, you should remove your pets from your home before you get your pest control treatment. The chemicals used for pest control can be dangerous for pets because their bodies are more sensitive than a person's.

If possible, you should keep your pets out of your house during the treatment and for a few hours after. You can take them to a friend's house or even leave them in the backyard. This will allow you to protect your pets during pest control treatments.

You should also carefully store your pet's bedding and toys. This will prevent the chemicals from getting on their belongings. If you have any crates, cages, or aquariums for your pets, you should also cover these with plastic to prevent the chemicals from getting inside.

Looking For Pest Control Treatment in Menifee?

When you get a pest control home treatment, you must learn how to prepare your home. This way, you can get the best results and your pest control treatment will be done quickly and effectively.

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Contact us today with any other questions about preparing for your pest control services and to get a free quote!


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