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7 Signs You Need to Call Pest Control in Murrieta, California

In the chaos of everyday life, it becomes rather easy to overlook the signs of a pest problem around your Murrieta home. Often, homeowners don't notice the problem until it becomes too big to ignore, but this doesn't have to be you.

Knowing early signs of a pest problem will save you and your home the hassle of major removal measures. Plus, it'll keep you from spending your nights with a few extra sets of eyes.

Want to know more about the early signs of a pest problem and when to call pest control?

All you need to do is keep on reading, it's there right below.

pest control in Murrieta, California

1. Frequent Droppings

If you begin to notice animal droppings of any kind around the interior or exterior of your home, it's time to call pest control services. Droppings are usually found around kitchens, pantries, garages, storage bins, trash cans, animal food, and under furniture. But this does not mean you should limit your search to these places.

If you try cleaning the droppings on your own, be careful. Mice and other common rodents tend to carry certain diseases through their droppings. Because of this, you will need to wear gloves, eye protection, and masks to tackle this chore.

You should also clean the area immediately with bleach and place droppings in their own sealed bag before throwing them away. If the mess is more than you can handle, wait for your exterminator. They will be more than prepared to help you clean the mess safely.

2. New Noises

Many pests such as mice and rats are nocturnal creatures. This and the fact that homes tend to be quieter at night amplifies the sound of pest pitter-patter at night. Obviously, some pests move 24/7 and do not care about waiting for the sun to set, but the night is the best time to listen for the signs of pest movement.

If you ever begin to hear the sound of creatures walking through your walls or attic, call pest control as soon as possible. You can go and check the noise out yourself, but if the movement sounds heavy or loud, wait. Pests can be anything from termites to skunks, and you do not want to find yourself on the south side of the latter.

3. Dead Bugs

All pests must die at a point and sometimes that point is in the middle of your home. Coming across multiple dead bugs, especially if they are the same species, is a pretty good indicator that you need to call pest control. Most of the time, dead bugs do not die far from their home, meaning they live somewhere in your house.

If the bodies you find are near your pantry or any other food source, sort through the products and check for more bugs. Some species of pests like to live inside your food products and soil your food. When searching through your food look for bodies, shells, droppings, and eggs.

Any contaminated food must get thrown away so your exterminator can effectively take care of the infestation.

4. The Pests Keep Coming Back

One of the biggest signs you need to call home pest control is if you've tried removing the pests on your own and failed. If the rodent, bugs, etc.) keep coming back after you've set traps or poisoned them, the infestation is probably much bigger than you can handle alone. Pest control professionals are armed with both high-level equipment and knowledge of the pest.

In other words, they'll know what you're doing wrong and how to fix it. Give them a call, you'll thank yourself later.

5. Continued Wood Damage

If you have even the slightest belief that the bug infesting your home is termites, check all wood surfaces. Termites are hard to catch in person, but they always leave the evidence in their newest wooden victim. Any bite marks, deterioration, tunneling, or wings embedded into the wood are tell-tell signs of this particular pest.

Once you've made your assessment of the infestation, call pest control immediately. Termites can cause severe structural damage and will not stop until somebody makes them. Their determination alone is why it's best to have a professional remove them for good.

6. Freshly Chewed Wires

Mice love to gnaw on anything and everything in sight, including your precious appliance cords. If your appliances begin acting weird, check their cords for any signs of damage or chewing. If the cords are chewed, unplug the appliance and call both an electrician and exterminators.

Wires left frayed or exposed could easily become a fire hazard and may shock anyone who touches them just right. To prevent future wire damage, place wire protectors around your cords and ask your exterminator to lace them with poison or deterrent.

7. Odd Smells

Most pests have a smell about them they cannot hide. For example, mice often smell like urine and termites smell mildewy. If you find yourself catching a whiff of a new and likely unpleasant smell (especially in the same place), call your exterminator to access the odor. Chances are, you have a few unwelcomed guests hiding in your home.

Contacting Pest Control

If you've noticed the above signs of pests in your home and are in need of pest control in Murrieta, California, give The Local Bug Guy a call.

Our team of local pest control specialists promises you quick, stress-free, and effective home pest control straight from your backyard. Don't believe us? Come see for yourself.

Visit our website to learn more about our team, read reviews from our past customers, and reach out to us today. We hope to help you soon!


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