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Bug Pest Control Temecula and Murrieta

We are the best at doing a regular service for ants and spiders.

Many other pests are included for free–examples below

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Wasps are usually harmless but sometimes can bite or sting. As part of the regular service we will look for nests that are starting to be built, we will kill the wasps, and also knock down the nest. If wasps return before we do, please let us know so we can come back for a free warranty service!

Earwigs “Pincher Bugs” & Pill Bugs/Sow Bugs “Rollie Pollies”

Earwigs and Pill Bugs are pretty common pests in the landscaped areas where these pests will find all that they need in the mulch, bark, and leaves. They will find a soft area to hide with trapped moisture and also food because they eat decaying organic matter. These are often called “agricultural pests” and they are associated with moist areas. Occasionally the weather will change kind of drastically and that can chase these pests into the house (hotter and dryer or colder and wetter). Inside the home is not an ideal place for these pests and they usually leave on their own. If they do not find their way back outside soon they might just die in the home. While these pests are basically harmless on their own, they are a great source of food for spiders. If Earwigs, Pill Bugs or the spiders that feed off them get bad in between services, please let us know so we can come back for a free warranty service!


Silverfish can live in hidden places in the yard and home. They can sometimes come out and be seen. Since they each starchy substances like glue they can cause damage in libraries that do not get used alot, but in the home they are basically harmless and are just a nuisance. For most pests we can spray the outside to control inside problems, but since silverfish do not need to travel much, then an inside treatment may be necessary if populations get heavy inside the home. If you do start seeing more silverfish than you are comfortable with, let us know so we can come back for a free warranty service!

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles got their name years ago when most carpets were made from natural fibers. These days it is rare to have carpet beetles inside the home. If you are on a regular service for ants and spiders and you find carpet beetles we can take care of those too!


Springtails are most often seen in the spring because they are associate with moisture. They got their name from the “spring” that they will “load up” and when scared it can pop open and they will “jump” a few inches. These pests are very, very tiny and are usually around the outside of the home.

Maggots, Flies, Gnats, & Mosquitos

Since we cannot force flying pests to land on our spray, then you should not expect amazing results with these–but we are still happy to spray places where they may be breeding or landing, and it might help a little! If you get Maggots in your trash cans or other places our sprays can help slow them down–boiling water works well too. It’s good to get rid of Maggots since they are gross, but also since they will turn into flies. FYI, Fruit Flies in the house is one thing that can sometimes be treated effectively in some cases. If we can isolate the source of fruit flies to the drains, we can use a special treatment that is quite effective. If you sign up for a regular service for ants and spiders we can do what can be done with these flying pests (just don’t expect too much =) ).

Fleas & Ticks

The good news is, that it is rare for our customers to complain about fleas and even more rare to hear complaints about ticks! If you are signed up for a regular service for ants and spiders, we can get rid of most flea and tick problems for free. In rare cases the fleas or ticks will be too involved or complicated and we may charge a small extra fee, or we may refer you to someone who deals with those cases a lot more than we do. Most people will not have a problem with Fleas or Ticks, and most of the people who do, we will be able to treat them for free!

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