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We Completely Eliminate Your Worries Of These Pests On Your Property

Who we are and why we can help

  • LOCAL Results
    Most companies brag that they do “everything.” We are best at what people need most – Ants and Spiders.

  • LOCAL Convenience
    We only service “tract houses” in the LOCAL area. Why? To be available when you need us most!

  • LOCAL Relationship
    At LOCAL Bug Guy, you will almost feel like you are “working with the owner.”

  • LOCAL Jobs
    Why is it so hard to find a great service today? Because it is hard to find a great job (FYI great services are performed by great people working at great jobs).

If you live in a ‘TRACT HOUSE’ in one of the following areas, you have come to the right place!


In 2011 Brent was a “one man band” and only serviced south of Pauba road to provide the most responsive service. In 2012 we decided we could cover the rest of Temecula and still be there when customers needed us!


By 2013 we had increased our staff. We also customers moving to the tract homes around the French Valley Airport and wanted to take us with them. In 2016 we finally felt like we had enough technicians to expand our service area to all of Murrieta.

Menifee / Wildomar

After 9 years of turning away business in Wildomar and Menifee we had enough people to be able to cover this area! Each LOCAL Bug Guy covers a small LOCAL area.

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We Completely Eliminate All Worries Of These Insects and Bugs On Your Property