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Pest Control in Menifee: How Strong Are Ants?

When it comes to pest control in Menifee, certain species of ants call the area home. And just because they seem tiny, they can definitely be a nuisance. Some may even bite you or cause some expensive damage to your home!

But one impressive feature about ants is their strength. If you ever stopped to see what an ant is carrying, the load on its back probably amazed you. Ants can carry items significantly larger than themselves, from leaves to crumbs, berries, and other bugs.

This article will discuss how strong ants really are, other fun facts about ants, and which types of ants are the most common in the Menifee area.

How Strong Are Ants

Pest Control in Menifee: So…How Strong Are Ants?

Depending on the species of ants, they can carry anywhere to 10-50 times their weight! If that doesn’t seem like a lot, let’s put it in context to a human. What an ant can carry would be the equivalent of asking you to carry a cow. Yeah, that’s how strong ants are!

So what makes ants so strong? These tiny creatures are practically made of muscle. And they need all the strength they can muster to burrow tunnels and collect food for the colony.

Our previous article about ant colonies discussed how the social order works in these extensive and intricate nests. The worker ants have essential responsibilities, from building and maintaining the colony's structure, protecting it against invaders, and finding food. Worker ants are all females and constantly on the move, so being practically muscle is a must for keeping up with the demands of the colony.

And there are tons of demands! Worker ants are always on the move because there are so many other ants to feed. In addition, every colony has at least one queen that produces eggs constantly. The only purpose of male drones is to mate with the queen. So to ensure the colony continues growing and the offspring survive, food is a constant need.

Other Fun Facts About Ants

So now we know that ants are super strong. What other fun facts can we share?

No Lungs

Their bodies are so small that ants actually don't have room for a pair of lungs! So instead, they breathe by using holes on the side of their bodies. These microscopic holes are connected to a series of tubes that carry oxygen throughout their bodies.

No Ears

Nope, ants don't have ears. Instead, they actually utilize vibrations to communicate while foraging for food or to warn others of danger. Another way ants communicate is that they leave an invisible trail. This trail helps guide other ants to sources of food and their way back to the colony.

No Drowning

Well, some may not make it out of the water. But some species of ants know how to swim. They have their version of a 'doggy paddle,' can hold their breath underwater for long periods and float for what seems like an eternity if needed.

Ants in Menifee: The Top 3 Mighty Invaders

With more than 12,000 various species of ants globally, the three strong and mighty kinds that are most common in Menifee include Argentine ants, California harvester ants, and carpenter ants.

Argentine Ants

Seeing a single-file line of Argentine ants can be common in Menifee homes. These ants are also known for leaving a trail, so once one ant finds food, the others can quickly follow close behind.

Hailing originally from Argentina (hence the name), scientists say these ants arrived in the late 1800s from coffee ships unloading in New Orleans. One colony alone can have up to 10,000 workers and quickly and easily total in the millions because they have anywhere from 20-30 queens. These are also known as “supercolonies.” Their ideal places for a nest include under stones, bricks, and boards.

And they are considered to be one of the most aggressive ant species. While they are harmless to humans, they can quickly overtake any other ant species and are even known to attack wasp and bird nests. They can also trouble gardens, including fruits and flowers.

The best way to prevent Argentine ants from finding their way into your home:

o Fill in cracks and openings

o Don’t keep wood and bricks near your home

o Keep the mulch at 2 inches thick and at least 12 inches away from the house

o Trim bushes and shrubs, so they don't touch the house

California Harvester Ants

These bigheaded ants are the next most common species in Menifee. They are pale black and red, and they have big, long hairs on their chins. These hairs help California harvester ants dig and burrow dirt while they build their expansive colonies.

Only one queen rules the colony. The worker ants are constantly gathering seeds and other vegetation, so one of the most prominent signs that you may have harvester ants is if you have large, bare patches popping up around your yard. These ants collect grass seeds, so patches of grass will start to disappear.

And if you accidentally walk through a harvester ant colony, you are going to know it! These tiny invaders do bite and sting humans. The best prevention method against harvester ants from invading is calling in professionals. They are trained to use baits that can help control harvester ant populations.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are also common in Menifee. Because of their name, people will automatically think they eat wood, but they don't. However, they do love moist wood to burrow and build colonies. Mainly, their favorite spots include dead trees, branches, and areas around leaky pipes.

These mighty invaders don’t pose any harm to humans. However, they can possibly rack up your home repair bills because of their wood-munching habits. So, some prevention tips include:

o Keep wood away from the house

o Don’t leave tree stumps behind

o Check all pipes for leaks

o Make sure gutters are clean and take water away from the foundation

Got Ants in Menifee? Call Your Local Bug Guy

When it comes to pest control in Menifee, we know which ants call the area home. So that’s why our techs are specially trained to wrangle Argentine ants, California harvester ants, and carpenter ants.

If you live in Menifee and you're having any troubles, please reach out to us. We have a trained and friendly Local Bug Guy waiting for you who covers Menifee, and you can contact any time.


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