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Spider Control

The second big reason to engage in preventative pest control is spiders.  While Wolf Spiders and Jumping Spiders are scary and are very common in Temecula they are usually pretty harmless.  But Temecula also has a very large Black Widow population and these are often hiding in areas that you cannot see them—like under furniture and kids toys in the yard.  In addition to Black Widows we are getting more and more Brown Widows in our area.  Brown Widows are very similar to Black Widows except that they are a different color.  Brown Widows are about as dangerous to humans as Black Widows are but they will dominate over Black Widows and actually are taking over little by little.

Black Widows and Brown Widows can cause some serious harm—especially if you have small pets or small children, elderly people or others with health problems in your home.  We take extra care to prevent spiders of all types, even going as far as spraying underneath your furniture and your kids toys that are low to the ground and very inviting for these dangerous spiders.  Since we are only LOCAL to the Temecula Valley, we can take extra time and attention to you and your families needs!