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Earwigs, Silverfish, Etc.

Earwigs, Silverfish and other small insects can be annoying to look at but they are also a bad sign because they are “spider food” and attract spiders around your home and family. We do extra thorough work to the outside of the home with the goal of keeping these pests and the pesticides on the OUTSIDE of your home. This is going to not only keep them away from your living area but also makes treating your home simpler and more convenient since you don’t even have to be home to be serviced! This is very helpful because in Temecula we are busy people and it is not always convenient to change your schedule to be around for the “Bug Guy” to come by. When you hire us to do your pest control you are hiring us to make your life more simple.

By being proactive and preventing problems it makes it less likely that we will ever need to spray inside your home. However if you ever want or need to have the inside serviced all you have to do is ask!