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Ant Control

Temecula and Murrieta Are Built On An Anthill

Have you ever said this or heard anyone else say this? Well you are more correct than you might think. The main ants that we have are the Argentine Ants. Scientist identify our ant colony as the “California Large Colony” it is said to stretch across approximately 600 miles of the coast of California and the ants are all found be so similar from one nest to another that they are believed to not be thousands of separate colonies but are actually one single colony built up of many sub-colonies. This helps to explain why these ants are so hard to control. Additionally these ants have multiple queens so the theory that: “if you kill the queen the colony will die” is more difficult to accomplish. That is one more reason why it is so hard to control ants in Temecula.
These colonies have multiple ways to survive attempts to kill them, but we have more ways to control them than they have to resist control. Argentine Ants are one of the main reasons why it is smart to engage in pro-active, preventative pest control rather than reactive control.

There is another type of Ant that is becoming more common in Temecula. It called the Odorous House Ant and can actually be more difficult to control than the Argentine Ant because many of the best treatments for Argentine Ants are completely ineffective against Odorous House Ants. If you have ants that other “bug guys” cannot control they may be very persistent Argentine Ants or they may be Odorous House Ants and YES! We can control them!