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Disclaimer:  We only recommend companies that we trust.  We do not get paid to recommend anybody.  We are simply telling you who we would call if we were in your position.  Based on feedback we receive we may add or remove any of these recommendations at any time.  If you have any great companies that you think we should recommend let us know.

IF you Want a “Company” not a “Relationship”

We are all about small business.  If you are looking for a big company then you should have no problem finding one but we do not have one that we would recommend. . .

IF you need help with something other than Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, etc. then we recommend:

Termites (Including Escrow Inspections)

Paradise Pest Solutions – 760-716-2847
North San Diego and Temecula

Cal Oaks Termite


Gopher Patrol
Phone: 866-466-4674


Beekeeper to SAVE the bees (949) 701-2472 – Bill McElhaney


Infestations of Roaches


Rats, Mice, Fleas, Carpet Beetles

(We can help with some of these IF you are committed to be a regular customer for Ants and Spiders)


Bed Bugs

Many people “DO” bedbugs.  We had someone we could trust and are looking for someone else.  Have you had a personal experience with someone that you would recommend that we recommend?

IF you need help because you do not live in a regular single-family-home in our area

Custom Homes (including, but not limited to, Wine Country, De Luz, La Cresta, etc)




Condo’s, Townhomes


Businesses, Commercial, Restaurants, etc


If you are a landlord paying for your tenant or you are a tenant looking for a service for your landlord to pay for (If you are a residential tenant and you will be making the agreement directly with us and paying us directly then WE can help you directly)