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How to Identify Bed Bugs and Remove Them Fast and Permanently

Bed bugs are incredibly tiny insects. They can be found in any place, and can survive anywhere. These little bugs commonly stay in our homes and can be usually found in our mattress seams and headboards, sofa or couches, curtains, and even in our bags as well as he cracks in our walls. They manage to hide in dark locations with easy access to their blood source, just quietly waiting for the right time to come out and feed. 

And since bed bugs are hitch-hikers, they can go anywhere at any time, with just hitching a ride from you or other peoples’ luggage, apparel, and other items. They can’t fly but they sure move fast! As annoying as they sound, you’d want to get rid of them right away. Unfortunately, eliminating them is not an easy job to do because bed bugs are a type of insect that can survive a whole year without access to their food source.

Still, you can’t just let them bite you, especially while you are sleeping, so getting rid of them is the main answer to your uncomfortable problem. But how do we spot bed bugs? How do we recognize them? And how do we get rid of them?

Common Characteristics of a Bed Bug

One way to prevent possible infestation of bed bugs is to know what they look like and identify them from other insects. Their common characteristics are:

  • adult bed bugs have the size of an apple seed,
  • brown, flat, oval-shaped body,
  • has an antenna with four parts,
  • balloon-like body especially if fed recently,
  • produce a smelly, musty but sweet odor,
  • and although bed bugs don’t fly, they have wings.

It is best to prevent bed bug infestation while it is minor rather than treating it after it has spread. But be careful about identifying them, as other insects can be easily mistaken for bed bugs. If you misidentify your bed bugs as something else, it will give them time to reach other places in your house or hitch a ride to someone else’s house and start another infestation.

How to Spot Bed Bugs

Here are some of the possible signs that might give you an idea if your house has bed bugs:

  • If you have itchy, red spots on your body. Bed bugs bite your body because they feed on your blood. Their bites are not immediately noticeable, not until some parts of your body have visible, red spots that are itchy and sometimes cause inflammation. So if you woke up with small, itchy, red bumps or welts, then you might want to check your bed for bed bugs.
  • Black or dark fecal spots and bloodstains.  You get small spots of bloodstains when you accidentally squash bed bugs while you are sleeping, but some bloodstains are not caused by this. If you noticed that there are felt-tip-pen marks, smears of blood and dark rusty fecal spots on your sheets, then bed bugs are the common reason for that. They leave fecal spots from digesting blood and are usually visible in their hideout place.
  • Musty odor. Bed bugs release pheromones that can be quite strong when they are in large numbers and produce a mild smell during the early periods of infestations. It can be hard to detect or smell at first, but if you noticed an unpleasant and unfamiliar scent, don’t ignore it. 
  • Bed bug shells. These bugs shed their skin, or molt as they grow. And sometimes, those abandoned white, empty shells can be found in places that have fabric or wood. Although the shed skin and the live bed bug look the same, the exoskeleton will appear transparent and dry. 

Issues Bed Bugs Can Cause and Why You Should Get Rid of Them

Their bites can cause you health issues that are not good for you. These include skin rashes or skin irritation, allergic reaction, reports also included that bed bugs can affect your mental health and cause you anxiety and insomnia. 

They can cause a lot of stress, leading to plenty of long, sleepless nights because of the itchiness and discomfort. All this will pile up and result in exhaustion and immunodeficiency. And if symptoms become more serious, you may require medical attention!

So if you think that you shouldn’t worry as they are just tiny bugs crawling or creeping under your sheets or beds and they can’t do you any harm, then you are wrong. But how do we get rid of them? Or rather, can we get rid of them? 

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you ever find the location or hideout of those bed bugs in some places of your house, don’t clean them up immediately. If you do, the bed bugs might run and transfer to another place. Instead, call or hire a professional pest control company or exterminator. If the bed bugs are already in large numbers, it would be difficult for you to get rid of them on your own. 

But it is still possible to control the infestation while you’re waiting for your pest control expert. Though it is not recommended, some home tips can help prevent, control and clear bed bug infestation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do not let any items stay in the room. It would be best to remove items in the room that already got infested. But be careful of moving anything from the infested area to another location, bed bugs can easily transfer to different areas.
  • Clean your area. Clean your bed by washing your beddings in hot water. If steaming is available, use special vacuums for your mattress and not just your mattress, but also your headboards, bed linen, chairs, cushions, carpets, everything. It is not only the adult bed bugs that you want to get rid of, but you also need to take their eggs to stop them from multiplying. 
  • Seal cracks, holes, crevices with caulk. Areas with holes, cracks, and crevices are the best spot for bed bugs to hide. So sealing might work. Just be sure to use the right sealant.

I recommend you to hire a professional if you want to get rid of bed bugs immediately. Wrong use of insecticide on your mattress might cause a further infestation. So be sure to do treatments thoroughly, not unless you want bed bugs to keep coming back. And if you do hire a bed bugs exterminator who has finished treating the affected areas, make sure to check your furniture and clean the whole thing thoroughly.

local bug guy - pest control temecula

Things to consider before hiring a commercial pest control company

Pest problems arise from time to time. Minor ones can be easily dealt with yourself. But there are times when you will need to seek the help of professionals when faced with a major pest problem. These problems require special skills, tools, and equipment that pest control companies have at their disposal. Before hiring the services of pest control experts, it is vital that you may talk to several companies and consider what they have to offer before making a decision. It is always recommended that you take your time to look for a reputable and knowledgeable company that meets your standards.


When deciding on which company you should hire, it is important to consider the following factors:


  1. Qualifications. Always ask if their technicians have up-to-date licenses. What are their specialties and are they relevant to the problem at hand? Are the staff up to date in the latest regulations, techniques, products, and safety procedures? Are they well-versed in integrated pest control methods? Also, having a resident entomologist is a plus.
  2. Experience. Experience is a big factor in the pest control industry. Consider how long the company has been operating and how much experience do they have in dealing with the type of problems you are facing now. Do they have veteran technicians in their team?
  3. Reputation. As much as possible, try to avoid relying on advertising about a company. Go ask friends, family members, relatives, and coworkers for any recommendations as some of them might have the first-hand experience as customers. It is also a good idea to inquire from corresponding government agencies to check if which pest control company has any violations or received any complaints. You also might want to ask the company itself for any customer references. 
  4. Value. Companies will offer free estimates for their services. It is always a good idea to approach several different companies and compare their estimates along with the packaged services that they offer. Are these estimates well within your budget and the timeframe you want these services accomplished? Also, ask for terms of service and make sure to read them carefully to avoid any issues later on. 
  5. Customer Service. When looking for a company that you would require services from, it is always important to see how the company treats you the moment you walk into their door or how they respond through email or through a phone call. Do they respond positively to questions, concerns, or complaints? Are they willing to discuss in detail the products and services that they provide? Are their staff knowledgeable and can they identify key issues with your current situation? 
  6. Safety. Safety is a must. Is the company willing to discuss low-toxicity options and do the products and techniques that they use to have a low impact on the environment and general safety of your household? Do they have insurance to cover you, your property, and their employees? Do they have access to protective gear? What measures do they take to prevent any accidents or chemical exposures at the project site? 


When it comes to these factors, we at The Local Bug Guy have got it down. We are qualified, experienced, and reputable. For every service we perform, we make sure we provide value, things are done safely, and customers are always satisfied.


Customers don’t even have to ask too many questions, that’s how good our reputation in the area is! But when they do, they usually ask the following:


  • If I hire you, what will be the name of my Bug Guy?
  • How big of an area does my technician cover?
  • What is your specialty?


We cover all these questions in following blog post, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated! And don’t worry, we’ll link them to this post once we upload them all as well.




FAQ: If I hire you, what will be the name of my Bug Guy?


Your Local Bug Guy isn’t just faceless exterminators. We are committed to hiring good people with awesome personalities. And we make sure our clients get to know everybody on our team! Here’s a short description of each one for you to check out.


Jarrod Gordon – The Musician Temecula Tech

For 12 years prior, Jarrod was in the aftermarket automotive industry, working in computer-aided design and CNC laser programming. Local Bug Guy’s unique approach is what drew Jarrod to us and he has been with us ever since. He is also a drummer. Music has always been a big part of his life. He played at big events and even on television. Jarrod also enjoys photography and hiking. 


Lee Newell – The Experienced Temecula Tech

Mathew “Lee” Newell was born in Oregon and then moved to the beautiful town of Temecula, California in 1998. Lee takes great pride in customer service. He has over 15 years of experience under his belt and is not afraid to face anything thrown at him.


Eric Anderson – The Nature-Loving Temecula Tech

Eric is a nature lover with a background in agriculture. He also works on a 1100-acre farm in New Mexico. Eric also enjoys gardening and spending time with animals. He is married, with a beautiful wife and children. They are very active and spend their free time at the beach. 


Mike Springer – The Hands-On Murietta and French Valley Tech

Mike was born and raised in Southern California and has been living in Murrieta for the last 7 years. He is a big motorsports fan and has been to every NASCAR race in Fontana. Mike owned his small business before working at Local Bug Guy. As a Local Bug Guy, he takes care of his customers using his hands-on approach and always put his customers’ needs first. 


Matt Thornton – The Active Temecula Tech

Matt loves the fact that Local Bug Guys sticks with our customers through and through. He t grew up in San Diego and enjoys the usual Californian activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and going to the gym. Mike loves the almost stress-free environment when working for Local Bug Guy which gives him the energy to attend to all of his customers’ needs. Matt believes he’s finally on the right path and can’t wait what the future holds for him. 


Wayne Hiebert – The Friendly Temecula Tech

Wayne is a former United States Marine. He moved in Temecula shortly after he left the service. He is married with four children. Wayne has been working for Local Bug Guy since 2014 and considers us the best company that he has worked for. The work environment allows him to make the correct decisions in serving his customers and treats every one of them as his family. 

There are several different pest control companies out there, but our techs truly care for our clients.  We always strive to be the best and we have been doing that since our establishment. Our team exists to give our residential customers and neighbors peace of mind in unpredictable situations.

We know the presence of pests like ants and spiders inside homes can be unsettling and sometimes unsafe. That’s why we provide same or next-day service for our customers who can request the personal technician listed above by call or text.

The Local Bug Guy proud to provide unmatched satisfaction and look forward to continuing to serve our area as the most trusted partner for fast and thorough pest control. If you would like to request a particular Bug Guy, let us know through call or text so we can check their availability.


FAQ: What is your specialty?


Every pest control company offers a level of specialization when dealing with certain types of infestations alongside common household problems such as termites, ants, spiders, rodents, and so on.  The regular services we at Local Bug Guy can eliminate the following types of infestations:


Our techs in Temecula, Marietta, and French Valley can help you get rid of ants and keep them out of your home. We can assist you with Argentine Ants, Harvester  Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ant, or Pharaoh’s Ants. 


We are specialists at drastically reducing the number of spiders inside and outside your home. Whether they’re wolf spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, black widows, or brown widows, we can definitely handle it.


Rats, Mice, Other Bugs

We will take care of other pests like rats, mice, wasps, earwigs, pill bugs, silverfish, carpet beetlesspringtails, maggots, flies, gnats, fleas and ticks IF you are on our regular service schedule for spiders and ants. If you want help with these pests specifically and not our regular service, we will also help you look for a pest control service that can take care of that.

Here at Local Bug Guy, we use environmentally safe products and methods that will not harm your pets, your family, and your surroundings. Get quality pest control by contacting us today for a FREE quote.

Top 5 Dangerous Spiders

Top 5 dangerous spiders found in your home that you should keep away

You can commonly see spiders in both horror movies and haunted houses. Whenever people spot these creepy crawlies lurking around their own abode, ear-deafening shrieks and shoes being thrown around are sure to be heard and seen. Their startling and unpredictable movements cause people to cringe upon sighting even just one of them inside their homes.

The diverse environment of the United States serves as a habitat to various species of spiders that are either cute and lethal or boring and safe. The boring and safe type usually pose minimal to no harm towards home dwellers aside from the nasty looking web. The cute and lethal type are the ones to watch out for, they pose a threat to the dwellers but usually are the ones mistaken to be safe because of their colorful and inviting aura. 

Check out these cute yet lethal types of spiders below that may be residing in your own home. These were ranked from least to most lethal.


Black House Spider

Black House spider

Black House Spider is about 1/2 inch in body length and of a dark brown to black velvet textured appearance. Usually found in secluded locations such as window framing, under eaves, gutters, in brickwork, sheds, toilets, and among rocks as it prefers dry habitats. The lacy and messy web easily attracts their prey – moths, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects.

The bite of the Black House Spider is poisonous but not immediately lethal. People bitten may experience severe pain around the bite site, heavy sweating, muscular pains, vomiting, headaches, and giddiness. Seek first aid and medical attention after being bitten.


Wolf Spider

wolf spider exterminator temecula

Wolf Spider is a brown, black, or greyish-beige colored spider with an elongated body of over an inch paired with hairy-looking legs and a distinct Union Jack impression on its back. Female wolf spiders carry their young on the back. It is commonly found in home garden areas with a silk-lined burrow that is covered or fenced around with leaves. It hunts its prey at night and can move rapidly whenever disturbed.

Although non-aggressive, wolf spider bites freely if it feels provoked thus should be considered dangerous to humans. The bite is excruciating and can cause allergic reactions to certain people. First aid and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.


Hobo Spider

Hobo spider, an aggressive spider, is often confused as a brown recluse or wolf spider because of their brownish color. It measures roughly 1/3 to 2/3 inch in body length and 2/3 to 2 inches in leg span with abdomens having several chevron-shaped markings. Males have two large palpi (mouth parts) that look like boxing gloves while females have a larger and rounder abdomen.

The hobo spider is also known as funnel weaver as they build funnel-like webs and awaits for the unaware prey at the bottom of it. You may find them in dark areas of the basement, hiding under the fireplace woodpile, or inside your shoes and boots.

Despite being aggressive, it typically avoids humans. The bite of this spider usually occurs when it is accidentally “mashed.” When the venom is injected, the victim will immediately see redness around the bite and experience severe headaches. Other symptoms can include nausea, weakness, fatigue, temporary memory loss, and vision impairment. When left untreated after 24 hours, the bite will develop into a blister and break open with oozing ulceration and may cause tissue death. Be sure to seek medical attention if bitten to avoid further complications.


Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spider is one of the most deadly spiders not only in the United States but the whole world. It measures 1/4 to 3/4 inch in body and also known as the violin or fiddle back spider because of the dark violin shape markings seen on its back. Unlike most spiders that have eight eyes, the brown recluse only has six eyes arranged in pairs, one pair in front and a pair on either side.

The brown recluse spider is a slow-moving, retiring spider that wanders about in dim areas. You can find them indoors in basements, attics, crawl spaces, between walls, in furniture, and even in clothing, footwear, and beds. It bites upon being trapped against someone’s skin by clothing, bed sheets, or footwear.

The bite of brown recluse spider can be very destructive to human flesh as its venom contains a cytotoxin that can affect the tissue at the bite site. Medical treatment is needed, as serious reactions from the venom can occur. Symptoms may include but are not limited to chills, fever, rash, pain, and nausea. Children are more sensitive to spider bites than healthy adults and may suffer life-threatening reactions, such as massive tissue loss and the subsequent infection.


Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider is a notorious spider that can be identified by the usually shiny black 1/2 inch long body and red hourglass-shaped marking on its abdomen. Three distinct and poisonous species of the black widow spider are found in the United States, namely Southern black widow, Western black widow, and Northern black widow. This spider is more aggressive than other spiders and should always be approached with extreme caution.

Black widow spider’s favorite place is an old fashioned wood-made house. It can be found in undisturbed, cluttered areas like in woodpiles, rubble piles, under stones, in hollow stumps, crawl spaces, basements, garages, sheds, and mailboxes.

Despite being small, black widow spider’s venom is extremely dangerous to humans and other animals. The pain around the bite area can be excruciating or may go unnoticed and fatal, especially to the young and elderly. A small amount of venom can cause serious illness. The poison attacks the nervous system and causes systemic envenomation. This usually results in headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, pyrexia, and hypertension. If a black widow bites you, go straight to the emergency room and tell them you suspect it was a black widow spider bite. First aid and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible, especially if you have a heart condition or other heart problems.

Scary as it seems but may this list remind everyone to exercise caution and awareness at all times, especially in working at dark and secluded places. They see us as threats just as we see them as threats too and one way to defend themselves is through biting. But after all of this, at least spiders don’t fly, right?


If there are dangerous spiders in your home, the Local Bug Guy is a spider exterminator specialist who serves both Temecula and Murrieta, they can get rid of them for you. For fast help, call us at 951-444-8284.

home ants pest control Murrieta

Why you should call ants exterminators experts to keep ants out of your home?

Your home should be an oasis of rest and relaxation, where you can escape the stresses of daily life. But can you still relax if there are bugs and insects invading your home? These pesky critters will literally “bug” you in the comforts of your own home.


Ants are a very common example of these invasive pests that can be found in homes. Without warning, they could have already taken over your entire house. There are droves of them hidden in corners and crevices, which is especially true in the dog days of summer as they search for colder places to hide in. Plus, your home is a great food source to them, with your crumbs and leftovers everywhere. Anything sugary or edible is an instant ant magnet.


These insects not only damage your gardens and homes, but are also a huge eyesore that takes away the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor and indoor areas. And as they crawl over you and your loved ones, the ants cause pain, itching, and other possible health hazards.


They will keep coming as long as you let them inside, letting the problem grow bigger and bigger. Before the infestation grows larger, you need to get in charge of the situation. You will not be able to do this if you don’t employ the necessary techniques to deal with ants. If you leave them be, your house will no longer be a home. Instead, it will be an ant nest!


You don’t have to put up with ant problems any longer. The perfect solution would be residential ant control services. But not just any company will do – you need the best ant control in your area. The proper processes include evaluating the property and identifying the type of ant before the exterminators can decide on what techniques would be best for your particular problem. Once the ant control company is done removing the ants, they’ll use methods to prevent the insects from taking over your home ever again.


All of this is what we at The Local Bug Guy offer our clients. A quick call with us and we will find the best ant control solution for your property. Contact the experts at The Local Bug Guy today!

spider pest control

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your House or Cars

About 40,000 species of spiders have been discovered throughout the world, and they vary in type and sizes. That’s 40,000 types of spiders that you can encounter! Although it sounds scary, most species are considered harmless as their bites only cause stringent effects. Unfortunately, some actually possess potent venoms and thus, are considered harmful. Their bites can cause pain, diaphoresis, lesions, and some autonomic and neurological effects.

Presence of spiders in our homes and even cars isn’t something to joke around about.  They might be a common sight, but certainly, we do not want them multiplying and taking over our homes. Imagine these spiders creeping into our beds, cupboards, cabinets, or in our car’s dashboards and seats!

To save you time, here are the quickest effective ways of repelling spiders (well, aside from squishing them).

Keep everything sealed and closed.

This is the simplest and most basic of all forms of spider control. But trust me, this is the most important and effective so far. Most insects, including spiders, originate from outside our house. The easiest way to keep them out is to block their entryway. One effective way is to install a screen with smaller mesh in our windows and doors. Seal all crevices, holes, cracks and gaps in your home. The same way applies to cars. Never leave the car window or door open to ensure that no spider, or other unwanted other animals, can get in.

Clean up.

General cleaning can help in eliminating spiders. Spiders often reside in seldom used and cluttered sites. The fewer our mess is, the less dwelling places they have.

If ever you see a spider web in your ceiling or anywhere your house and car, you better clean it up immediately. Spider’s reproduction rate is incredibly fast. If you leave it be for weeks or months, their numbers will increase. Next thing you know, they are everywhere in your living space.

Spiders get into our houses and cars because they are looking for food. To keep them out, we also need to exterminate their food source. But how?

Spiders feed on insects, which in turn, are drawn to our houses and cars because of the light and leftover food items, crumbs and unwashed dishes. To keep both the predator and prey out of your property, keep your outside lights turned off and your home tidy and neat.

Natural repellents

Spiders, unlike other insects, are not susceptible to pesticides and insecticides. Fortunately, natural and organic repellents work for them. Spiders are sensitive to strong and pungent smells so natural essential oils are effective bio-control for them. Peppermint oil, citrus, eucalyptus, citronella, cinnamon, tea tree, cedar and lemongrass are among your choices.

You can put it directly on cotton and swab it on areas frequently visited by spiders, or you can make your own homemade repellent with water and essential oils. Experiment and mix them all up. Spray it in your car, and the rooms in your home.


Natural Plants

We can utilize herbs and other plants to repel spiders from our properties. Plant lemongrass, eucalyptus, lemon, mint, and chestnut around your yard. Their pungent smells will keep spiders and a lot of insects from roaming our place.

More importantly, you may likewise want to chop and trim down other plants and shrubs not listed above as they provide a perfect hiding and dwelling place for spiders and other insects.


Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth is known to be effective in controlling house bugs and other insects. The same way applies to spiders. Apply a thin layer of DE on their frequent place or entryway, a small coat of DE is enough to dehydrate and kill the spiders.

These are all natural methods of controlling and repelling spiders that can be applicable to less serious cases. However, if you are dealing with more complicated and severe spider invasion, we highly recommend to consult a professional spider exterminator like The Local Bug Guy. A quick call with us and we will find the best spider repellent solution for your property. Contact the experts at The Local Bug Guy today!